The offer of GM Design is so wide that everyone looking for solutions for their business will find something for themselves. We focus on four categories of services: (re) Branding, creating web portals, blogs and online stores.

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we will take care of your company’s image by creating a visual identification for it. A new logo, color combination, letterhead or characteristic typeface will give your business an individual identity. We will help you build it. And if the current image of your company only needs refreshing – also rebuild it.


do you want to build positive relationships with your clients? Create a blog where you will share your everyday business experiences. We will develop a graphic space for your texts, and if you also need our advice on this matter – check out our other services.


– in 2020 up to 73% of Internet users declared that makes online shopping. This is excellent news for you if you take care of e-sales. However, there are many such entities on the market, so you need to stand out. Contact us and your store will gain a new face. 


the company’s website is an absolute business “must have”. You are not on the Internet – it means that you do not exist … So take care of your creative business card on the Internet. With our help, you will not only be creative, but also customer-friendly, modern and compatible with the latest Web trends.


the whole world is in motion today. Also, your customers spend most of their time outside the home. Therefore, focus on outdoor advertising. We will prepare a concept for the transmission of advertising content for you and we will take care of its placement in the public space.


– at GM Design we also provide a range of additional services, including: the creation of web applications, graphics for advertising, product photography and copywriting.